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struggling Super League encounter rain drought, this year's league to be smoothly rotated; 10 years for $ 200 million payable Nike, if we take this market in China leapfrogged Adidas, it is quite cost-effective business in a Dragon Drum in the 21st, 2009 in Zhengzhou Super League opened a big screen. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in accordance with the provisions of the future, all the teams are required to wear Nike Super shirt. This requires a transition year, but the opener still to the foot of the Nike "face" - - the 21st night opener, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical team to wear Nike uniforms, the APB team, though still wearing Umbro uniforms, But Nike, Umbro has been acquired, it is one. Just a month ago, Nike's $ 15 million of "dowry" like a "reassurance" so that Chinese football has a new patron. In cooperation program in a decade, Nike sponsorship commitment will provide a total of more than two hundred million US dollars of Chinese Football Association. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 10-year $ 200 million Last year's Super League, can be used to describe dismally. February 12, super major "keeper cheap foamposites " gathered in Beijing. In accordance with the financial statements, each club received 750 cases of beer and a printer, plus 1.5 million yuan of "bonus." In the best years, "bonus" has reached 4 million. Faced with this situation, football managers and operators worried - this year the league sponsorship money where? years ago, company executives Super Lu Feng went to Italy to look for business cooperation. Just less than before, to find $ 40 million over a number of sponsorship and easy. "With the outbreak of the global financial crisis, companies in this area costs are reduced, especially sports-related business in the global sports industry are shrinking, companies are also spending money wisely . "the person in charge of a club in northern told the" First Financial Daily. " eventually Nike's $ 15 million "gifts" so that all parties relieved. February 13, super company announced the program. The decade-long program of cooperation with the Chinese Football Association, Nike, with $ 15 million of the 2009 season as the base, then the annual sponsorship amount of about 10% increments, t cheap jordans for sale en years after the expiration of Nike The total sponsorship amount to more than two hundred million US dollars. But compared with the Adidas sponsorship of nearly $ 500 million in six years, "China Team" In the past, the insiders opinion, Nike move, more like a football against China's "buy the dips." "The money is not a decimal, not to say that vote to cast, before we Chinese football market has made research and analysis, the market also has a plan." An insider denied this Nike collaboration racking our brains, "buy the dips" behavior, but also he said that the current $ 15 million is not a Nike official figures reveal. In fact, before this collaboration, Nike has been supporting the development of Chinese football, in 2006, Nike had become a sponsor of the Super League, "We're more just reflected in the game ball , the referee clothing, signing players and other details. And like Shao Jiayi had our contract, in addition to the external transport of elite athletes to learn, we have done some work. "The source said that only in 2009, Nike and Super League The first phase of cooperation comin Retro jordans for sale g to an end, when it comes to renewal, the association plans to be more daring. In fact, in full contact with Nike at the same time, the Football Association also with several other big brands held talks. But for the Football Association, "with the whole package," the way to becoming the Super League outfit's sponsorship program, Nike's most positive response. This mode of operation the first attempt in the Chinese football league system, also rarely seen in European football, but had lived in some other emerging countries soccer league. For example, Adidas, Nike headquarters in the United States had signed the American League, and is also a ten-year long-term contracts. Under "in the negotiations are reduced capital case, this decade can be considered a good start cooperation. For Nike, overwhelmed by the 'buy the dips' is to further expand market share in China ready. "The club official said. Chinese Football Association and Adidas signed in 2003 Super contract expires in 2010, Nike and super-exclusive cooperation is also starting in 2010, in 2009 just a grace period, to the time Nike w cheap jordans online ill and the Chinese football counterparts. bet revival of Chinese football However, "buy the dips" After all, there is a risk, there is a lesson. April 2006, Infront company had to "buy the dips" approach won the "China Team" of business development and management rights. Wang, former president of China should be right Infront said in an interview with this reporter, said Chinese football, especially the Beijing Olympics Chinese football performance, he is full of confidence, "We have CBA, China Team and Super billboard business, although CBA development trend in recent years is very good, but football and are in accordance with the expected development of business plans to run, to reach the target is not a problem. " However, 2007 In 2008, the major game in the World Cup, each "GuoZiHao" defeat the way, this is a direct result of the "China Team" project in successive years are at a loss. "competitive situation under global sporting events, 'China Team' is also losing its two most important energy transfer viewer's attention after one extremely disappointed, few people pay II. Lack of Cheap air jordans for sale resources caused by the transfer of players, lack of competitiveness. "China Sports University professor Yuan Dan, said in an interview with this reporter. "Chinese football in 2007, 2008, played a few games, although poor, but did not shake the status of China's largest sports project in the Chinese football lowest valley, people give it This enthusiasm is still high. This is, compared to other sports is difficult. "The source told reporters. So, Nike still hoping, "the first big sports" in China beat its rival. Nike in China currently has more than 4,000 stores, sales in China last year, more than 1.1 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 50%. While another figure is also noteworthy, related Harvard Business School survey data show that in recent years the Chinese market three brands Nike, Adidas, Li Ning market share between 21%, 20%, 17%, Nike and Adidas is only one percentage point gap. This partnership, as part of the team temporarily to their apparel sponsor has a contract in 2009, Nike was not reluctant to individual clubs to use their equipment. But in 2010, a few pieces Cheap air jordan 12 ovo about in the body after the team freed, Nike will unify the super equipment, its old rival - Adidas, Mizuno and Kappa, will disappear together in the Super Stadium. Meanwhile, the Chinese football itself has to change. After the Olympic Games, state councilor in charge of Sports General Administration of Sport has to say in football things, express quite central to this concern, the General Administration of football must improve. "real change and so may still have to have enough generation of March will be when the exact message of reform and development of football we still have confidence that this is indeed more valuable than gold." Beijing Guoan general manager Li Xiaoming in He said in interview with this reporter. However, the latest news that Ada will be postponed to be held in April. Prior to the news shows, this will be enough to launch a major reform measures on behalf of youth development. "If the reform measures to find the right words, Chinese football revival may take 10 years, if wrong, it may takes longer, with little hope of this generation." Guoan Club Vice Chairman Z cheap jordans for sale mens hang Lu told reporters. As for what a generation, it seems that is not important, important is that Chinese football is on the rise, which Nike is the most important. However, in this 10-year journey, Nike and Super Can "feeling full journey to old age" is still unknown.Nike Dunk SB Low new color physical map Buy 2013-12-08 23:14:07 Recently, this new color of Nike Dunk SB Low exposure on the network, the front of the shoe body with gray suede material mainly behind the shoe portion charcoal black leather-based materials, using black liner, in use between the gray and black shoes red Swoosh University undue, the overall effect just right, is a good choice for everyday joker. Num information currently existing exposure. Nike Dunk SB Low Number: 304292-064 Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Air Jordan 12 "Navy Carolina Blue" new color next year for sale 2015-08-17 13:59:54 & nbsp; perhaps we first saw the shoe will be issued a doubt this is not the Ai Retro jordans for sale r Jordan 12 Gamma blue color it? This is not so, the shoes and gamma blue tonality very similar but still have to distinguish between the body of the shoe in dark blue shoes create not black, Logo embroidery and trapeze use of color on the tongue is not the same, the overall atmosphere calm and "Gamma blue" color ablaze matched the leading position. The shoe as a new color will be officially on sale in 2016, a friend might like to continue to focus on it. & nbsp; Nike Zoom Flight 95 Jason Kidd kind of career suits enjoy 2013-12-08 22:46:29 Jason Kidd, NBA active triple-double king, the third triple-double total history, total assists and history Second, the Mavericks finally fulfilled his dream of a championship and then switch to the Big Apple. In his 18-year career, representing the sun, the Nets, Mavericks three teams play. In recognition of the meritorious veteran, Nike in its recently introduced a Nike Zoom Flight 95 & quot; Career Pack & quot; career suits. Recently, the network has finally exposed the four pairs of shoes that suit the physical picture. This four pairs of differen cheap jordan shoes for men t color of Zoom Flight 95 were Kidd from college representatives to last season played for four teams, all with the main colors of the team's build each pair of shoes, four teams were Kidd of the University of California Golden Bears during the period as well as the effectiveness of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets and the Phoenix Suns, are printed with Kidd at the team's number on the back of each shoe tongue. Kidd iconic gigantic Logo were loaded to the top of the crystal outsole, very domineering. It is reported that the the Nike Zoom Flight 95 will only be on sale exclusively at House of Hoops.The design of KD 8 Elite ankle has reached a new height, but recently Kevin Durant KD 8 Elite High kissing may make you more. Leo Chang will undoubtedly footwear integrated design of using the concept of more thoroughly, and the subsequent design may be extended to above the knee, it seems even a little fantastic shape can solve the athletes to recover after the speed problem. A copy of nike-kd-8-elite-high.Jpg (361.53 KB, download number: 0) download Kevin Durant Nike KD Elite High 8 Pro 2 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 016-3-25 09:00 upload A copy of nike-kd-8-elite-high-2.Jpg (434.66 KB, download number: 4) download Kevin Durant Nike KD Elite High 8 Pro 2016-3-25 09:00 upload A copy of nike-kd-8-elite-high-1.Jpg (412 KB, download number: 1) download Kevin Durant Nike KD Elite High 8 Pro 2016-3-25 09:00 upload Nike and Jordan in Brand and constantly develop new products and continuously as we engraved a wave of classic, at the same time there is a big wave of NikeFans in his own creative mind they put on their custom. With Air Jordan 8 with Nike Air Raid has designed different approaches but equally satisfactory results in unmatched combat and renowned golf course, this also caused the attention of master ATPC custom shoes, this is this pair of shoes has injected new blood, which showed more tough side, I believe this will be highly recognized by the military fans. 10900032_650064785104425_8973276247718615935_o.jpg (73.64 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Raid Bullet in the Head customized version of 2015-1-12 11:01 upload 10887196_650064658437771_3902297091036499585_o.jpg (70.98 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Air Raid Bullet in the Head customized version of 2015-1-12 11:01 upload 10496930_650064665104437_7230485965256301937_o.jpg (78.62 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Raid Bullet in the Head customized version of 2015-1-12 11:01 upload 10921614_650064685104435_3578580472198386641_o.jpg (99.33 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Raid Bullet in the Head customized version of 2015-1-12 11:02 upload 10917173_650064738437763_287122706375489639_o.jpg (126 KB, download number: 12) 0Nike's Nike SB on the front line slide when the model Stefan Janoski brings a new version, although there are a lot of rumors that Flyknit technology, but according to the picture of the shoe model this possibility is relatively low. Sewing patterns of the shoe body is very unique, the simple black / White / Blue becomes out of the ordinary, commercially available message has not been announced, to appreciate the picture only! 140795444241148.jpg (69.94 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Stefan Janoski EXP 2014-8-14 10:40 upload 20140814022732_58970.jpg (129.52 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Stefan Janoski EXP 2014-8-14 10:40 Nike Nike SB upload, Stefan, Janoski, EXP 00Laser machine applied to leather industry, mainly used for vamp carving, handbags, leather gloves, bags and so on. Some of the production process of small holes, surface hook line or cutting patterns, process requirements: hook line surface is not yellow, carved material background, leather cutting edge is not black, carving must be clear. The materials are synthetic leather, PU leather, PVC artificial leather, leather wool, semi-finished products, and all kinds of leather fabrics and so on. Engraving speed depends on the size of the graphics, small pattern line speed is relatively slow, the speed is 0.8 meters / minute, big pattern cutting speed is 1.5-3 meters / min. the light intensity is 75%, and the average leather can be cut through. Leather cutting slightly slower speed in 0.4-1.2 M / min, the intensity in 60-75%, leather cutting incision will be black, cut the air, but the incision will form the oxide layer, the dermis requirements such as incision not black, it is difficult to meet the requirements; all must be processed, such as cutting out can use plasticine the edge of the black with go. And cut it out of smell, so far, there is no way to solve it. The use of nitrogen cutting requires the use of high-pressure nitrogen, slow speed, high cost, but cutting oxide free, cutting effect a little better. Different leather materials, the choice of different cutting methods, such as artificial leather marking, you can first wet water before marking, the effect is more satisfactory. Leather cutting surface can be added to the United States and India paper, to prevent the yellow surface, black edges, the need for special treatment. Dongguan Guangdong Ming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. currently produces laser equipment products, there are ten major series of more than 60 models, with an annual production capacity of 6000 units. Guangdong Ming is a small power industrial laser application expert, you can trust business partner. No matter you are in any profession, our product always has one to be tailor-made for you, suit you to use. (Editor: admin)