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street artists and fans finally have their own chance to celebrate the first Urban - Art Fair will be carried out in April 22nd to 24 in Paris. The three days of exhibition will look closely focused on from the world of street art, Banksy, Nick Walker and The London Police Le Carreau Du Temple in the industry for the elderly in the next weekend Retro jordans for sale . Participants will have the opportunity to participate in organized jointly by more than 30 exhibition hall of a series of dialogues, lectures and group show, Des mots et des Arts at the same time there are organized tours at the same time. More detailed information about Urban Art Fair may wish to organizers official website. Urban Art FairCa cheap foamposites rreau Du TempleLeRue Eugè 4; Spuller ne, 75003 Paris, Francesource: hypebeastturned the last corner, the first to appear in the field of vision is only two people, "white" Hu Hao and "black" of the seal. Hu Hao got up to shake the car face "ferocious", Feng Kuan Jie looked at the young man back, in front of the finish line about fifty me cheap jordan shoes for men tres gave up the fight. The first line of Hu Hao raised his hands, fingers separated, this is his personal game in Mount Huangshan five Lian zhuang. Mount Huangshan race eleven years, Hu Hao from a student driver has become a boss Hu, the game and the game have become more mature. Before the start of the season. A lot of people are still guessi Retro jordans for sale ng, wears team manager Hu Hao in the game whether or not to play but also the same as before, and today's game he will give the answer. The end of the game after Hu Hao is a media and fans surrounded, and he was still thinking about afternoon to drive more than 100 kilometers rushed to the lake, tomorrow is China Bicycle League opener open grou Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping p game, he will lead his team impact another victory. today, Skoda heros of the 11th China Huangshan (Yixian) International Mountain Bike open war, Huangshan tour also entered the its second decade. Or large tracts of rape or rape flower field full of old master station, but with the development of the Yixian Hongcun and development around. On cheap jordans for sale ce the Huangshan race is part have already paved the cement road, said to be classic tracks is not dust. The track after Tachuan, wood pit Zhuhai, Hongcun scenic these familiar place, end Hongcun school full support the contest sponsor's tent. men / women's group 40 kilometers race in start at 9 o'clock in the morning, soon after starting, mor Cheap air jordans for sale e than ten people in the first group was formed, former Olympic champion, the tournament's special driver MIG & middot; Miguel Martinez, Martin has been in collar riding position, behind is the amateur Chetan familiar figure, gale team Feng Kuan Jie, Guang Wei Yu, ghoulishly guest Xin Yuan Hong team of Hu Hao, Cui g team Ding Yong, Merida Chall cheap jordans for sale mens enger team Zhu Jun, last week won the Guo Xinwei mountain League Championship opener...... A circle of the end of the game, the gap has not been opened, Ding Yong due to poor state, in the first group of second out of the circle, a person struggling to catch up. And in the number of people occupy obvious advantages of gale team but did not hold cheap jordans online a fighter, Hu Hao in the second lap after section of the force, aiming to win. Near the end, into the main venue of the Hongcun school playground, Hu Hao and seal Jie to get rid of the people wide to launch sprint, dressed in New Jersey and a white one black turned the last corners. Hu Hao got up and shook the car, Feng Jie to give up the figh Cheap air jordan 12 ovo t, the outcome has been set. This is the Hu Hao since 2012, fifth consecutive years won the men's elite group victory. Feng Kuanjie and Yu Guangwei are two or three. women's group, "one elder sister" Deng Huping no suspense to win the championship. This is her sixth game win in Mount Huangshan. 〉Nike air Huarache" love / hate & quot; subject, the series consists of a black two shoes, the series will tomorrow officially in the overseas sale. attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. Canadian white man Kelly & middot; Ollie nick from the involved in the draft since has been fixed in a senior blue collar player level, its most famous Mo too on the first match of the season the Cavaliers G4 game in the face, Jiangle Fu arm pull dislocating event. In the game show the aggressive side at the same time, he also to the public show artistic side, customize the shoes of a variety of green army elements, we first to see fast. 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